Show your trainers some holiday love

Jul 12, 13 Show your trainers some holiday love

A few weeks ago I jetted off to the sun for a well earned break.  Okay I had the usual airport delay, but once we got there it was everything I had longed for.  Cloudless blue skies, 30 degree heat and a lovely beach front to run down on a morning.

That’s right, I packed my running kit.

Just the weekend before I’d gone to my local parkrun and set myself an ambitious target of beating 31 minutes for a 5k.  I’ve not really got past the 5k mark since I got back from London, and if I’m honest too much of my running has become a very slow run/walk 5k as I help a friend train.  This particular parkrun was my opportunity to show myself what I could still do if I tried to apply myself and I went for it and did it.  30:49, my best ever time, and instead of being really really pleased with it I kicked myself for not being that magic 50 seconds quicker and breaking my 30 minute goal I have set myself for this year.

I was determined not to do my lazy holiday routine of laying on a sun bed with my Kindle all day and eating for England in the all inclusive restaurant.  I’ve worked hard this year to gain some control of my bad habits and had arrived on holiday at my lowest weight in a year.  If I wanted to eat cake then I would run on a morning.

The sea front at Benidorm was beautiful, and my husband had challenged me to find my way to the top of a hill where a beautiful white structure was gracing the skyline, and off I ran.  I decided that as it was just me I would run rather than run/walk.  I’d tried to find a hotel that was in a fairly flat location but our hotel was at the top of a steady downhill incline.  It wasn’t too bad running down there but the path surface was quite broken and uneven in some areas.  At the very bottom of the incline you reach the sea front.  To the left there’s the hill top with the white building and to the right a long row of hotels and very little else.

IMG_3370I found that if I headed to the white structure I was heading to the harbour, at the bottom of the hill there was a beautiful little secluded beach, but to get to the top of the hill I had to climb some steps!  They were fairly steep but the view from the top was worth it.  I ran up them then had to pause at the top as I was so out of breath.

Not a fan of running down steps I tried to find a way through the little back streets that would lead me down to the sea front again, I could tell there was one, but I took a wrong turn and found myself back at the top of the steps.  Oh well, a steady walk down them would be fine.  Then the runner came running down the side of me on the steps and made me feel rather lazy!  With my track record of injury I wasn’t risking it.  Once I hit the bottom I ran back to the hotel.  It wasn’t as far as I’d hoped and after adding in an extra street I managed 2 miles.  Granted the route back was up hill.

I managed some more runs during the holiday, I think I went out three times over the week we were away and the others were all on the flat route to the right.  I’m not daft.  Sadly on my last run I really badly turned my ankle at the start on the broken path.  I guess I used that as an excuse not to run after that, and also when I got home.

A couple of weekends working meant I missed parkrun, a clash of schedules meant I didn’t run with my friend and I now find myself in a place of apathy.  I really did mean to go out running this week but… I’m finding it far too easy to come up with excuses.  I haven’t even blogged on here in weeks either.

So consider myself well and truly told.  I’ve had a strong word with myself and I am not coming up with an excuse for the planned run on Sunday with one of my friends.  I’m hoping that once I get back out there I’ll remember why I enjoy it, and why I need to keep at it.

I’ve entered the Woodland Challenge in October, a 10k trail run which I’ve entered more times than I care to remember, and had to drop out before the start every single time.  I’m running with a friend this year so I can’t drop out.  As we’ve both got plans to run a marathon next year I think I need to stop being so lazy and get on with it.  I’ll let you know how Sunday goes.

In the meantime, why not consider packing your trainers when you go on holiday, you get some amazing views and don’t feel quite so guilty tucking into the all inclusive desserts!

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