A Little Less Procrastination

Jan 23, 14 A Little Less Procrastination

As I sat in my comfy chair playing inane games on my iPad on Sunday and not even thinking about going for my planned training run I was reminded that this time last year nothing would have kept me indoors, not the weather, not injury, I’d have been out there following my marathon training plan regardless, and that I was effectively just being lazy.

Now while at first I thought these words were harsh and I was a tad pissed off, on reflection I have to ask myself if it was more because the truth hurt. Yes my foot still hurts, and I’m possibly over cautious about getting injured again, and I have no energy thanks to the M.E, but I’m normally the first to say that the M.E won’t get better if I don’t get out there and run.

The weekend before I’d achieved an 8 mile run/walk with my friend Michelle, she’s doing her first marathon at London the week after my marathon in Manchester. I’d gone out reluctantly, not having run since Xmas Day, and honestly didn’t think I’d do very well, but as always the run/walk works, not to mention the company of a good friend.

The following day everything hurt, especially my foot, but by Tuesday I was pretty much back to normal and coming up with excuses as to why I couldn’t do my training run.

Last night was the annual running club A.G.M, I was fine about going to that, having not set foot at club since May! What was in doubt was if I’d just turn up for the meeting or if I could get off my ass and go for the run beforehand. With about five minutes left to make a decision I donned my running kit, hoping that some slow runners would be at club, but then on reflection they’ve all outgrown me, they ran York Marathon last year, Brass Monkey half this past weekend, and their Facebook updates about how far they’ve run put me to shame. But that’s the great thing with my club, no one gets left behind and a kind volunteer ran at my pace.

And I ran. I didn’t run/walk, I ran. 3.39 miles in 38:34. I practically collapsed in a sweaty, breathless heap when I got back to the pub we set off from, but I did it!

I’ve spent a lot of time since that comment on Sunday thinking about what was said, and I suspect that it has been 10% injury and 90% procrastination.

I have always said that a big part of your run training is mental, and I think for me that will always be the case. I’m not back in my routine yet, once I’m back in my routine I’ll be fine, in the meantime I just need to keep kicking my ass to get back out there and train, the days are ticking off rather quickly after all!

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