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Aug 07, 16 Asda Foundation 10k

Well the day dawned, and surprisingly I was quite looking forward to not only my first race in three years, but my first outdoor run in two years, despite barely any training and only just hitting 5k on the treadmill a few days ago.

As is always the case things didn’t go smoothly. Traffic was such a nightmare we abandoned all hope of getting to the Knavesmire and parked at a friends house. It honestly felt like we’d walked 5k just getting to the start line, not to mention the odd looks I got dressed in Burlesque.  The good thing was that it took so long to get there the race started almost as soon as I joined the back of the pack. 

I’d debated taking water with me, but as the route map showed water stations at 3k and 7k rashly decided against it. I hate running with anything in my hands, but it was a decision I quickly regretted.

I was so far towards the back of the pack that it took over ten minutes to reach the start line. Even then the field was so busy a very slow jog was the best I could achieve. My legs felt tired from the long walk and I began to suspect my bravado about being able to use the walk as a warm up might be misplaced.

The sun decided to grace us with its presence and just 1k in I started to feel uncomfortable. The support in this early stage was excellent, and my choice of attire was very well received. I bumped into my cousin just after that and managed to keep up with her till around the 2.5k mark, something I was quite chuffed with considering she’s much fitter and faster than me.

By 3k not only did I have a headache and very tired knees, there was no sign of the water station. Luckily it wasn’t too much further, and after dousing myself with the lukewarm offering I gratefully took some water on board. It made a huge difference. The Minster came in sight around the 4K mark and along with it was support from my friend Sarah. A much needed hug and pep talk (get running) saw us heading back into the centre of York. I managed to make it to the 5k mark before I had to take a running break, which considering the heat I was extremely chuffed with.

Coppergate was where my partner Mark met up with us, and from that point on he and Sarah conspired to gee me up and keep me moving. Taking advantage of stretches where they’d gone a different way I had a few walk breaks. A work colleague supporting me at the riverside was a great boost as well. 

I do think the se tips down the riverside heading back to the racecourse is one of my favourite bits as that’s where I tend to ease off and chat with fellow runners, I always seem to meet some lovely people in that particular stretch. Coming back onto the main road you turn the corner into a hill, a perfect place for another walk break normally, but no, Mark and Sarah were there running along the pavement at the side of me to gee me on again. I may have thought some unkind thoughts about this time 😉

This is where the course got nasty, two sections where you had to run and double back on yourself. My least favourite style of race, although it did give me a couple more opportunities to wave at my cousin who was around 1k head of me by now. I a

So chatted with a couple of girls who were doing the York 10k for the first time and wouldn’t be doing it again, despite having done the Leeds 10k five times. Their verdict, York was far too hilly a route and Ledds is a fast downhill. Definitely something to consider for next year.

Masses of support from bystanders for the last 1k was very welcomed. My best friend Colette and her husband cheered me on from just before the finish line and Mark and Sarah were there on the other side. It’s the most support I’ve ever had in running, and made a massive difference to the whole experience.

I’d had a loose idea that it would take an hour and a half to complete this 10k, but having walked more than I should have was amazed to see the clock say 1:29 as I crossed the line, even better was the realisation I’d crossed the start line quite some time after the cruel race start. Colette arrived at the finish with a welcome mug of freshly brewed black coffee and a caramel wafer. I have to say that’s the best post race fix I’ve had and I loved it.

Running in fancy dress took the pressure off from the get go, no one expects someone in fancy dress to be a speedy runner and it didn’t matter where I finished. It made a big difference to the whole experience, in a good way.

Even better was the almost instantaneous result text – 1:17:41 – ecstatic is an understatement. I’ve never had a buzz like I did finishing the 10k today. Would I do it again? Despite the hilly elements and cramped course I probably would have a fourth shot at it, although Leeds does sound tempting.

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