Asda Foundation 10k

Aug 07, 16 Asda Foundation 10k

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Well the day dawned, and surprisingly I was quite looking forward to not only my first race in three years, but my first outdoor run in two years, despite barely any training and only just hitting 5k on the treadmill a few days ago. As is always the case things didn’t go smoothly. Traffic was such a nightmare we abandoned all...

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It’s been a while…

Aug 03, 16 It’s been a while…

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It’s been a while since I last posted, and that’s because I gave up on running. Life got in the way, I went though some pretty massive life changes, and I let it fall by the wayside.  I moved house in May last year and away from my village route. I’m sure if I’d made the effort I could have found a new...

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A Little Less Procrastination

Jan 23, 14 A Little Less Procrastination

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As I sat in my comfy chair playing inane games on my iPad on Sunday and not even thinking about going for my planned training run I was reminded that this time last year nothing would have kept me indoors, not the weather, not injury, I’d have been out there following my marathon training plan regardless, and that I was...

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Seasons Greetings – did you run on Xmas Day?

Dec 27, 13 Seasons Greetings – did you run on Xmas Day?

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Because of Manchester marathon being just a few weeks earlier than London it means my training plan has already commenced, albeit a bit of a rough start. Friday saw me trying to juggle my training run into a busy day flitting from place to place so ended up being a 40 minute session on the treadmill at the gym, just before my...

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Marathon training has commenced… A day late!

Dec 18, 13 Marathon training has commenced… A day late!

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Oh.My.God. It wasn’t even three miles and I was a wreck. A choking, spluttering, coughing wreck. I felt like I was back at day one all over again, and in a way I guess I am. I ran 5k on the 1st December but other than that I think it’s July since I last ran. I had such good intentions, I was going to start running again...

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