Ay up – there’s a Yorkshire Marathon

Jan 09, 13 Ay up – there’s a Yorkshire Marathon

If I had a pound for everyone who mentioned this to me on launch day yesterday I’d have been…well not rich, but certainly well enough off to order a takeaway tonight!

No, I haven’t entered, and right now I have no intention of entering. I haven’t survived London yet, and if I’m honest, am still not sure if I’ll cross the finish running or crawling on my hands and knees. (Volunteers with spatulas and mopeds welcomed, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about watch Run Fat Boy Run, one of my favourite ever films).

I’ve competed six training runs now, which sounded good till I worked out there were around 63 training runs in total followed by the marathon itself.

Yesterday was okay, pretty fast for me, possibly too fast to be honest and I did try and slow down today, but I was tired when I woke up and ran after lunch, not a good combo for me, but I did it and that’s all I need at the moment.

It still feels wrong to be seen walking, even the postman asked why I wasn’t running at one point, but the plan calls for run/walk intervals and I am sticking to the plan.

The Yorkshire marathon is in October, it doesn’t go near the racecourse, starting and finishing at the University, so that’s in it’s favour. It goes into town, past the Minster, then back out through the villages before coming back to the University. It’s described as a fast flat course but I seem to recall a hill at the University that my friend often threatens me with for hill training sessions. It’s just ver £40 to enter which is quite a bit more than London but less than the Great North half I guess.

I’ll reserve judgement till much later in the day, I certainly don’t need any more pressure adding to the mix at the moment.

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