Dalby Dash 10k

Nov 13, 16 Dalby Dash 10k

I last did Dalby Dash back in 2011, but I’ve always remembered it as my favourite 10k race, albeit not my fastest.  My memory was of a tough 3k hill, a descent into the forest and then a subtle incline for the last 1k.  My memory isn’t quite what it used to be obviously.  The hill went on for almost 4.5k, and I’m sorry to say I walked most of it.  At least I wasn’t on my own.  There’s actually a prize for the first to the top – it’s steep, it’s road, it’s tough.

Once you’ve broken the hill you then descend through the forest.  It was a dry day, sunlight streaming through the trees, and at one point where some trees had been recently felled, a low mist hovered over the ground.

It was a drier route than I had expected, considering it’s been a wet week, but it was drier than the Women’s Running 10k at Temple Newsam and thanks to my new trail shoes presented no issues.

This is one of those races where I can spot old friends and it was great to catch up with some of them after so long out of the circuit.

I also tried out some new running kit today from More Mile.  I got plenty of compliments on how much weight I’ve lost and have to say it’s the thinnest I’ve ever felt in running kit, although trying it out on the day is not to be recommended.  I should have had a run or two to get it worn in and comfortable.  That said, it’s good kit at a budget price and I’ll review it in another post.

The Dalby Dash always starts after the Remembrance Sunday 2 minutes silence.  It’s a beautiful location for this.  The route starts from the visitor centre then turns left up the road and onto the hill.  The hill that feels like it goes on forever and ever.  The course, even though we started at the back, was packed and it was easier to walk than try and run.  I didn’t really need an excuse not to run the hill to be fair.  I’m out of shape and out of condition so the hill took it out of me.  I think it took us a good 25 minutes to cover the 4k.

I ran this one with my friend Sarah.  This was her first ever race.  We’ve covered 8k together so I knew she wouldn’t have a problem with the course, but she does like to speed off at times.  This was apparent when we saw the stats for the downhill section – we were improving our average by 1 minute per 1k.  Her enthusiasm was not infectious, and to be fair if I’d have been able to catch up with her she’d probably have got a slap for it 😉

This is a truly beautiful course once you’re off the hill, and Sarah loved it.  I’m glad it was her first race experience.  She can’t wait to sign up for next years event so we’ve entered the night run in January to keep us going.

This wasn’t as fast as my last attempt at Dalby, but it was my fastest 10k of this year so a result I am very happy with.

The finishing memento this year was a Dalby Dash branded Ronhill baseball cap.

dalby-preraceResult: 1:12:33

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