Endomondo is a great training partner

Jan 25, 12 Endomondo is a great training partner

Having recently reviewed Endomondo as a phone app I thought it would be worth giving you a bit of an update on how much it has helped me over the past few weeks.

But first I’d like to suggest a use for Endomondo that most people probably overlook, it came to me yesterday when my sister in law commented she had been watching me live between miles 7 and 11 in my first Half Marathon attempt.  Many of us train alone, its a sign of our busy lifestyles that we can’t always run with others.  Now I have already recommended running with RoadID in case you get hurt, but here’s another idea for the lone runner.

Endomondo allows your friends to follow your run live, so use it every time you run solo as a safety aid.  If you did get hurt the map will show your location and you’ll be easier to find should you be unable to call for assistance, just make sure someone knows you’re going running.

I’ve always liked the fact that I can choose to post to Twitter and/or Facebook that I have started my run as it makes me less likely to chicken out, and while the ‘follow my run live’ does sound a bit big brother like, I am now totally sold on the safety aspect.

Over the past few weeks as the mileage has increased I’ve been able to use the history and calculate my estimated time for my Half Marathon, by viewing the splits I was able to reassure myself that yes I could meet the cut off time stipulated by the Race organisers and went into the race with a lot more confidence as a result.

I have a friend and her daughter who are wanting to start running, so we’ll be starting out slowly with just a mile or so and gently increasing the mileage.  She loved the idea of the app, the history, the stats and the accountability from the status updates so we will use it to help her with her training and keep her motivated.

Have you found any other uses for Endomondo?

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