Fantastic sponsorship result for Martin House Children’s Hospice

May 09, 13 Fantastic sponsorship result for Martin House Children’s Hospice

Last night I was invited along to Martin House Children’s Hospice to meet up with the rest of the team who took part in London Marathon on their behalf.

Several of us had ballot places, this meant any money we raised was extra for the charity, while others had run under a charity place which the charity has to pay for.

Whist the full total isn’t yet in, so far we’ve raised just over £20,000 as a team, and personally, thanks to my very generous sponsors raised £1,275.00. I am so pleased with that amount, it just makes the whole first marathon experience extra special.

I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored me, it will really make a difference to the hospice, and means an awful lot to me as well.

Last night should have been run night so I plodded out this morning, the sky was blue but the headwind was fierce I have to say.

That said I did my ‘scenic’ route and really enjoyed it. I’m still doing the run/walk programme and when I run on my own am doing 4 min run/2 min walk. I’ve managed to keep my walking speed below 15 min pace giving me an overall average of 11:27 pace which I am really pleased with.


Considering where I was just a few short weeks ago I can’t believe how well I’m recovering, and boy does it feel good getting back out there again. I’m managing three or four short runs a week and plan on keeping that up till around October when I will start marathon training again!

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