I might actually be enjoying running!

Sep 04, 16 I might actually be enjoying running!

If you’d have said to me a month ago that I’d be able to run five miles with running club on a Wednesday night after a tough day at work I’d have laughed at you.  If you’d told me I’d do it on more than one occasion I wouldn’t have believed you.  Not only that I can go out and do 5k or 7k without thinking I’m about to die before I finish.

I think part of the reason is that I am in a much better place now both mentally and physically than I was a few years ago.  Another reason is I have someone to run with.  It makes it so much more enjoyable, and also means I’m less likely to quit on a session, or even on a run and take the short route back.

I know that when I moved just over two years ago I let the lack of my country road route affect me.  I didn’t want to just run on the streets.  I let that become a reason not to run, and once you find one reason it’s so easy to find others.  I became lazy about running.

When I decided it was time to take myself in hand earlier this year I realised it was important to tackle one problem at a time.  That meant starting off with weight.  I’ve managed to lose two stone since last October, but more importantly I’ve totally transformed the way I eat and the way I cook.  Now I cook from scratch with fruit, vegetables, lean meat.  I haven’t dieted as much as I’ve embraced healthy eating.  Im as likely to eat a salad or an apple these days as a steak pie!

I signed up for the York 10k knowing that without a target to aim for, I wouldn’t get up and run.  I bought a treadmill because I knew how easily I would talk myself out of running if the weather was wet, or cold.  This time last month I was about to take part in that 10k and honestly wasn’t sure I’d get past the 5k mark.  I’d spent months allowing procrastination to win.  The buzz I felt when I finished was indescribable.  It’s the first time I feel like I had real support on a race, and boy does it make a difference.  I ran in fancy dress, with no idea of how long it was taking or the pace I was achieving and that was so liberating.

I’ve just signed up for my fourth 10k of the year, I’ll be doing the Mo run in October, the week before Dalby Dash.  I hesitated when I was signing up wondering if just a week between them was too little, then reminded myself of what I’ve achieved in the last month alone.

Having struggled to achieve 5k I now can hit 8k without worry, granted it’s not easy and without some discomfort, but it’s something I know I can do.  The first of the upcoming 10k’s is not till October and I’m confident that I am going to be ready for it.

Running alone is what I became used to, but now having a regular running buddy has made a huge difference.  We barely notice the distance we’ve covered till the iPhone blurts out an update from the back pocket of my capris.  (Mainly because I cannot get the Map My Run app on the Apple Watch to work right).  We’re too busy chatting, or enjoying the route.

I’m looking forward to the future, but this month I’m a little apprehensive as at the end of the month I find out whether I was successful or not in the London Marathon ballot.

This pic is a pretty good reflection of my life these days – trainers on the one hand and kick ass high heels on the other – after all life is for enjoying 🙂

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