I ran…but…

Jul 14, 13 I ran…but…

I didn’t like it! I’ve spent the best part of a month now coming up with feeble excuses as to why I couldn’t run. Truth be told no matter how busy work or school was I could have found time if I wanted to. I guess deep down I just didn’t want to.

Today I was supposed to be running at 1pm with a friend and had decided today was it, no more excuses. Then my friend cancelled. Perfect excuse not to go out if I wanted it, but no. I got off my backside and got out there.

As I’d expected it wasn’t pleasant. I’m still fighting a cold, which might not have been there if I’d kept running, so spent a lot of the run coughing up phlegm – yeuch!

I ran rather than ran/walked. I was only aiming for 3 miles after all, and a few weeks away wouldn’t stop me being able to achieve that. By the end of the street I regretted not run/walking but that was just the lazy part of me talking, and I stuck with the plan. It often takes me a couple of miles to get into a run and start to feel comfortable anyway, except today I don’t think comfortable kicked in.

The run is out of the way, I’ve had my shower, and I feel much more human now. Some runs are like that, you do them because you have to, and celebrate when they’re over and done with. The big fat scary getting back out there again is done. I just need to give myself a talking to and get back into the swing of things again, after all, I only have a couple of months to double that 3 miles for the Woodland Challenge.

To be honest it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be, it didn’t hurt, I didn’t have to walk, and I was more than capable of doing it. Sometimes it’s your imagination that stops you. Don’t let it, because whilst there are a lot of runs that fall into the hate camp, those few that you love more than make up for it.

So what’s your excuse for not fastening up those trainers and getting out there, if I can do it, you can too.

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