Lenser 7498 H7R LED Head Torch review

Nov 08, 12 Lenser 7498 H7R LED Head Torch review

Having seen most of the field on Monday evenings Gunpowder Plod race running in head torches I decided to have a look and see what a really good one would cost me.  The one that had taken my fancy on Monday was by Ay Up, an Australian firm, and it was two extremely bright spot lights that really did light up most of the street in front of us on the way back to the car, however, research showed it was going to cost me in the region of £200 and for the little I run in the dark it was just too far out of my league.

I do most of my running after the school run so night time running isn’t a major factor for me, but my 6am run in the woods on a Sunday morning with my friend was starting to become an issue so a head torch seemed a sensible investment considering I don’t like running with anything in my hand.

Having done the research, visited several forums and read a lot of reviews, even watching a YouTube advert, my husband and I agreed on the Lenser 7498 H7R Head Torch.  The R stands for re-chargeable but you can also use 3 standard AAA batteries if you forget to charge it.

So what’s the official tech spec?:

Product Features

  • Burn time: 54 hours
  • Luminous flux: 170 Lumen
  • Weight: 120 gr
  • Color: black
  • Versatile can also run on AAA batteries
  • Advanced Focus System – spot to flood
  • Integrated dimmer switch
  • Fully adjustable head straps
  • Durable nylon pouch and lanyard included

Technical Details

Rechargeable up to 500 times;3 watt CREE LED chip;Output 140 Lumens;Adjustable lamp head within 90 degrees;Burn Time: Up to 65 hours;Effective Range: 0 – 531 feet.;Dimensions: Adjustable to head size;Weight: 208gms;Power Supply: Rechargeable or 3 x AAA alkaline batteries included;

What it’s like in use

The torch arrived next day delivery from Amazon which looked to be the cheapest one I could find and the fastest delivery and cost just under £44.  Granted it’s supposed to be a Xmas present but I wanted to road test it!  The batteries were easy to insert and even without charging there was some residual power in there. It was quite amusing trying to find a dark corner of the house in the middle of the day to test the effectiveness I have to say.  I let it charge for about half an hour and was ready for my run.

There are so many ways of adjusting this headtorch I suspect it will take me some time to find the perfect setting for me, the switch on the back is a bit like a low beam/high beam slider and the slider on the front narrows/widens the field of the light.  They’re very easy to find when you’re running and it’s good to be able to have a lower setting where there are street lights and then go full beam in the woods.  You can also adjust the angle although if I point it down I do tend to see a light shadow in my eyes which I wasn’t comfortable with so kept it straight ahead.

I ran for just over half an hour on a 5k route round the village, most of the route has some street lights but there is a dark alley and my favourite wooded area on the way back.

The torch handled it all without problem. I possibly need to adjust the headband to make it less tight as I had a headache on my return but am sure it was more lack of hydration than the torch which felt comfortable all the way around, and had the bonus of keeping my hair out of my eyes!

As I approached the alley way I set the beam slightly brighter and had no problem at all, setting it back to normal when I reached the other end.   The best part was turning into the unlit street where the woods start and going full beam.  I had a really good field of vision both straight ahead and peripherally as well.  There was no problem tackling the narrow and normally pitch black route, although the sparkling reflected eyes of the rat that crossed my path did make me jump at one point!

Overall I think this is going to be a very comfortable headtorch, there is no question it provides enough light for me even in the woods, and it now means I can enjoy evening and early morning running again safely.

In the reviews a lot of dog walkers had found it a useful device which is a use I would never have considered for it, but it does make a lot of sense.  I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a good headtorch to run with.


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