Like a cowboy without a horse

Aug 12, 16 Like a cowboy without a horse

This week I learned a very important lesson about being over confident in my abilities. It hurts! For the first two days of the week I’ve been walking around like a cowboy who’s spent the last two weeks on horseback. My legs appeared to have forgotten there was any kind of flexibility to them, and my long legs made me realise just how low down toilet seats actually are. It’s a good job I live in a bungalow as it was half way through day three, or was it day four, before I dare brave stairs! My thighs began the week in a protest of epic proportions never before seen and most certainly never before felt. The lower half of my traitorous limbs decided to make themselves known on the second day, as predicted by numerous people with huge grins on their faces – “ooh, it’ll hurt more tomorrow”. They were right.

Let’s be honest here, this was my own fault, I’m the one who overestimated what two years of non running would mean on top of practically no training. It was bloody stupid and definitely naive. Can I promise not to do it again? You’ve seen my track record, what do you think?

It’s Friday night and I’m still buzzing from Sunday, albeit covered in ice gel to numb the last few aches and pains. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I put it down to actually having support before, during and after the race. I’m quite overwhelmed by the difference it made.

I’ve spent the week reading running magazine after running magazine and signed up for two more 10k’s.

I read through some reviews of “It’s just four times round the village” and found one that gave me two stars. The reader couldn’t understand why I’d written a book about running when I so obviously didn’t enjoy it. He has a point. I’ve not exactly had a love affair with running, it’s something I set my mind to and got on with. I’ve not had a great history with it and I certainly can’t say I’ve enjoyed it, thus far anyway. Sunday seems to have changed that. Despite the pain the first few days I’m still really positive about last Sunday. I don’t want sympathy, this was self inflicted and I should have known better.

I have 51 days till my next 10k and I need to train for it. It’s 93 days to Dalby and that killer 3k hill.

Who knows, one day I may actually be fully fit and trained for a race on race day and injury free, then again I’ve probably more chance of winning the Euro lottery ;-). 

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