Marathon training has commenced… A day late!

Dec 18, 13 Marathon training has commenced… A day late!

Oh.My.God. It wasn’t even three miles and I was a wreck. A choking, spluttering, coughing wreck. I felt like I was back at day one all over again, and in a way I guess I am. I ran 5k on the 1st December but other than that I think it’s July since I last ran.

I had such good intentions, I was going to start running again before my 16 week training plan started… Yeah, right. I was going to follow the plan to the letter… Erm, yeah. It started yesterday and how much running did I do? That’s right. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

Yes I’ve got the sniffles, I’ve had a cough since September, but you guessed it, it’s just viral. I think what I was suffering from yesterday is a major case of cantbearsedlethargyprocrastination. It’s something I suffer from on a regular basis I noticed when I read my book, and I realised I’d fallen back into the bad ways, the negative ways.

I got up this morning at half five, I couldn’t sleep. I had every intention of running early before I could talk myself out of it then remembered I haven’t got my head torch, I lent it to a friend who was doing an overnight run in the summer and haven’t seen her to get it back, that’s right, I’ve been too lazy to go even watch parkrun and see her. Then I had a second coffee, snuggled further into my chair and got cosy with my Kindle. Well I ask you, coffee and a smutty book or run in the cold, damp grey morning, what choice would you have made?

Anyway, I obviously guilt talked myself into getting off my backside after an extra chapter of procrastination, and went to find my running kit. Even though the plan called for just a 3/2 30 minute run/walk I took no chances and taped up my peroneal and my knees. I’ve got my sports massage booked for Friday, I’m taking no risks this time around.

Warmly kitted out, and reluctantly I stepped off the driveway and felt my ankle give. Pfft. No excuses.

I think my lovely thermal under armour leggings have either shrunk or my waist has as they kept falling down, however, we seem to have achieved a happy medium of them sitting on my hips, I’m wondering if that’s where they’re supposed to have been along actually, and off I trotted. That first three minutes was hell, my throat was burning from the cold, my head was telling me off for being outside, and I just ignored it and dug in. There’s something comforting about having a familiar route to fall back on. I knew my short lap round the village would take me just over 30 minutes and be just under 3 miles so decided on that.

It’s only as I got to the school that I realised I missed the school run, or rather the social aspect of it at least, I hadn’t realised just how much of a hermit I’ve become since I stopped running and my daughter started taking herself off to the secondary school. It was good to get some fresh air.

A good soundtrack can get you through all sorts when you’re running and today mine didn’t let me down, it started off with Footloose, later on graced me with 500 miles and then kicked on to Fat Bottomed Girls. Don’t ask want was in between, I can’t remember, but those songs always put a spring in my step and encourage me on.

The only real negative to the run was the amount of choking, I kept having to spit up phlegm and I abhor spitting, it was that or throw up though. Hobson’s Choice.

So.. A rather lacklustre 2.89 miles in 35:40, still, I’m pretty chuffed just to have got round in one piece. It’s annoying knowing I used to be able to so better, but on the other hand that means I know I can do this. I also have the advantage that I know that no matter how hard Manchester may be I can walk the distance if I have to. There isn’t that fear this time around. No. There’s just that. Lice in the back of my head asking me why the bloody hell did I sign up for this torture again. Oh, yeah, I remember, because I’m a stubborn bugger and still have something to prove to me. That’ll do it every time!


  1. I have just finished reading your book and loved every minute of it. I was wondering if you could tell me where I can access the training schedule that you follow involving run/walk strategy. It seems like a really good way to train. I have been running off and on over last couple of years but at the moment due to ill health I can’t get out at all which is driving me crazy lol
    Thanks amanda

    • It’s a subscriber only plan on Runners World website,I think it’s called ‘Get Me Round’. Hope you get better soon xx

      • That’s great thank you will check it out as I subscribe so should be able to find it xx

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