Review of Yaktrax Walker

Jan 22, 13 Review of Yaktrax Walker

Making tracks with Yaktrax Walker was easier than I thought! I didn’t think I’d be able to fit my training run in today as my daughter was off school as she was unwell, I didn’t relish the prospect of running in the dark on the ice even with my trusty head torch. Fear not – Yaktrax to the rescue!

One of my running friends mentioned she’d got some of these last week, and then today my husband mentioned one of his colleagues came to work wearing them.

I’ve been looking at various snow grips but discounted a lot of them as I didn’t trust the spikes to work and wasn’t sure how they’d handle patches without ice. The Yaktrax doesn’t have spikes, it’s a series of elasticated metal coiled treads.


I got the small size which are suitable for up to size 7.5 which just happens to be the size of my Asics. It’s a tight fit but once on I never felt they were at risk of falling off.

Watch out for tiled floors or shiny services as I hear they can be slippy, and as I have a tiled floor can see where they’re coming from. Not that I took the risk, my door is pretty much next to the carpet so I was okay but did untie my trainers and take them off on the doormat before entering the house just on case.

I couldn’t believe the difference they made. Paths that I would have slipped on on my last run gave me no problems at all. It was a real hybrid of a run in that there were large stretches of pavement that were totally clear of snow and ice and then there were those that were the opposite extreme.

I didn’t have to run on the road at all today, and was able to run on the pavement the whole route.

Where there’s no ice you can occasionally feel they are there but it’s a mild sensation and I doubt you’d notice it on anything stronger than a trainer.

Even the icy path in the woods presented no problem (other than the thawed bit that’s now flooded!).

I’d have liked to have gone for the pro version which have a Velcro strap over the front of your shoe and are the ones described as for running use. The reviews I read said the Walker version I have is suitable for jogging and that’s probably a better description of what I do right now.

Both versions are available on Amazon. Expect to pay £17 to £20 for the Pro. I picked up the Walker set for under £10 at Go Outdoors today as I needed them sooner than Amazon could deliver,

These aren’t just for running, they’d be great for the school run, walking the dog, even just walking to the shop. They’d be good for an elderly relative as long as they don’t have tiled floors etc when they get home.

I’ve left them on my Asics for now as I have a planned run in the morning and am pretty sure it won’t thaw that much overnight.

Do I think they’re value for money? Most definitely. They’ve certainly made it much safer for me to enjoy and continue my running, and as I’m in the middle of marathon training that’s priceless to me.

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