Seasons Greetings – did you run on Xmas Day?

Dec 27, 13 Seasons Greetings – did you run on Xmas Day?

Because of Manchester marathon being just a few weeks earlier than London it means my training plan has already commenced, albeit a bit of a rough start.

Friday saw me trying to juggle my training run into a busy day flitting from place to place so ended up being a 40 minute session on the treadmill at the gym, just before my sports massage session. Rather than watch something on the iPhone or the TV screens I kept my head down and did the run/walk just listening to my music, it wasn’t quite as bad as I’d expected as long as I didn’t look at the progress screen.

Sports massage was brutal, I’ve been having some pain in my foot and lower back, so Adi spent time on my lower back, the downside to losing weight is that there’s not a lot of flesh there to cushion any more and my back hurt all night, felt much better on my Sunday run though.

Sunday called for 80 minutes, and as with the start of the plan in Jan this year I seriously doubted my ability to complete it. But I seem to recall thinking that most runs and so just got on with it. Bearing in mind my lack of fitness and the ever present sniffly cold I reckoned twice round the village would be about right, it was a 4/2 run/walk. I managed it, although I need to remember I need a piece of kitchen roll for each lap next time, my dripping nose was rather persistent! I was also testing a new water bottle for the first time, a fluorescent pink bottle that actually has a flashing light in it. It looks like a very useful bottle and I’ll be reviewing it after a few more runs.

Christmas Eve was a no go in terms of training, I didn’t have the child care I needed and I had plans with family, this meant it was even more important that I went on my Christmas Day training run. There are mixed views on Christmas Day running, some people think it’s selfish to go for a run when you should be spending time with family, and others can’t wait to get out there. To be fair I went in between family visits, it was only supposed to be a half hour run anyway.

One of my Christmas presents was Aftershokz sports headphones, they don’t actually sit in your ear, meaning that not only can you hear your music but you can also hear what is happening around you, I got the model with the microphone so I can answer the phone when I’m running. Not a bad idea as with my gloves on I found it really difficult to get my phone out of my pocket and answer it before the caller rang off on a recent run. Again, I’ll be reviewing these properly when I’ve had a few more runs with them.

Having stayed up late on Xmas Eve to finish a book I was enjoying reading, combined with an eleven year old who was excited to open presents, I’d had less than four hours sleep, and boy could I tell! I felt like a zombie on my once round the village, and there was ice on the path in places. Still, I dig in and got on with it.

As I’ve been having pain in my left foot I retired my old trainers and got the new trainers out of the box, it did help a little but my foot is still hurting, despite having strapped it up. I think some tennis ball rolling is called for, just need to find one!

It’s slightly different running on Xmas Day, there were a lot more families walking dogs together, who all smiled and said hello, and only four other runners. Everyone seemed quite cheery.

I’m glad I ran, although I’m missing today’s run again, I’m so full of cold, and my foot still feels sore, I’ll have to try and make it up tomorrow if I can. At the moment it’s a fine balance with the M.E and the cold and the training plan. I’m not looking at what I need to do on Sunday yet, no need to torment myself just yet 😉

The weather isn’t really playing ball at the moment, but at least this time I have the gym and the treadmill to fall back on, and I’m trying to be a lot more aware of injury and more importantly injury prevention.

So who else went running on Xmas Day?


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