Sport Relief Mile – well more like 3 miles actually!

Mar 25, 12 Sport Relief Mile – well more like 3 miles actually!

Having refused to take part in Race for Life due to the exorbitant entry fee, all of which goes to admin and not the charity, I was pleased to find a run I could enter with my nine year old.  I should point out, perhaps, that my nine year old is not into running, and looks at me with a very odd look should I suggest she join me on a run.

I also have a friend who asked for help getting her daughter through a three mile run she’ll have to do in order to get her next Kick boxing belt.  It seemed a good idea to combine it all, with the obvious exception that I am still having physio for my buggered hip.

I was really pleasantly surprised to find we could enter as a ‘family’ (two adults and two children) for just £15.00.  How nice to see a charity event that we could afford to enter for a change.  I’m not sure if any of that goes to charity or covers admin but it’s a hell of a lot more acceptable than the Race for Life fees are for the same distance.

We seemed to have had a lack of suitable training runs, but had managed a few round the village, so I introduced the gang to our local parkrun experience.  I wanted them to understand what 3 miles would feel like on race day.  It could have gone better, my daughter sprained her ankle and managed just a third of the distance, but the rest of us finished, and I was so proud of Gail, my running buddy, as this was the furthest she had ever run.  I was also pretty surprised to have made the distance myself with the hip.  It was a good six minutes slower than my last parkrun in January but a time I was very happy with in the circumstances.

Race day dawned cloud free, and we weren’t prepared for the glorious weather, but then again, who was expecting a mini heatwave in March!  Ours was the third race of the day and it was great to see everyone from toddlers to grandparents taking part, some in some rather hot costumes it has to be said and there was an excellent atmosphere.

We got separated just after the start so in both cases it was Mum and Daughter running together, the twists and turns in the route meant we got to wave at each other on several occasions.  My daughter had one small stage where she asked to walk, but once she realised it hurt Mum more to walk than run she didn’t ask again and kept pace with me all the way round, offering her own words of encouragement.  I think I spent most of the three miles telling her how proud I was of her, whilst secretly being amazed at the stamina she was showing!

I’m not sure she was over keen on my mini sprint finish but we crossed the line holding hands and I have never been more proud of my daughter.  We stayed at the finish to encourage Gail and her daughter over the line, and I am so proud of them as well.

It was an excellent event, everyone had a great time, enjoyed the route and especially the sun and I think I may have created a monster as Gail is now looking into 10k races she can enter this year!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored the girls, they are over the moon with their sponsorship totals, we just have to get them to collect the money in now 😉

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  1. I must say that I am very impressed by all the fund raising people do each year! Sport Relief tends to be one of my favourites as the mood is a little more light-hearted and I tend to see some great outfits. I have sponsored my nephew who’s in this video and these scenes make me ever so proud.


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