What do you take on your run?

Jul 17, 13 What do you take on your run?

Other than sheer determination that is. I recently read on Facebook that someone had hurt their ankle on a run, they didn’t have their phone with them or money and a shopkeeper refused to let them make a call home for help.

Today I ran in some very short shorts. Despite that I still had my phone on me and a mini purse. Just in case. I also have my RoadID but have swapped from the wristband version to a tag that is permanently velcro’d to my trainer so I don’t forget to take it with me. If the worst happened the emergency services can see who I am, where I’m from and have the contact number for my husband and mother.

I always run with money, just in case I need a drink, some chocolate or I hurt myself and need to get the bus home. It takes up so little space in my pocket. Today was a really hot run and half way round I found I needed to call in the shop for some Nurofen. My head was killing me. Normally I take one before I run but we were rushing to get to school on time. I was also aware I may not have enough water on me and had money in case I needed to buy more.

If you haven’t got a tiny pocket (for such short shorts my pocket is huge, it takes my iPhone, tissue and purse) then you can buy a cheap running belt for just a couple of pounds that is so small you hardly notice it. I normally use mine but put it somewhere safe… Needless to say I found it as soon as I got home.

In this weather you shouldn’t be running without a drink, I hate carrying anything with me but even I took my hand held water bottle today. I managed to run (run -not run/walk!) five miles this morning. Needless to say I’m grinning like a happy thing, mind you my running kit was soaked when I got back and is now happily swishing round in the washing machine. The farm track and country roads seemed to have no breeze at all, despite them being mega headwinds on marathon training days, but the slightly overgrown woods were cool and shady and over with far too soon.

So what do you carry in your running kit that you wouldn’t leave the house without?

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