What to do in a power cut… Go for a run!

Jul 19, 13 What to do in a power cut… Go for a run!

Around tea time the power went off. It happens. However, this time when it came back an hour later my neighbours house and my house were still left without power. We were advised they’d send the diggers out to find the fault and it word be a few hours.

They weren’t joking, and next thing we know the street is full of power vans and a mini digger.

With the prospect of several hours with no power what’s a girl to do on a Friday night other than lace up her trainers and run!

Possibly not the best idea when I’d just had a Chinese takeaway for tea, but hey. I’d procrastinated over my run this morning until I ran out of time to fit it in so thought it would be a good idea. Even at eight o clock at night it was still warm, I took a drink with me, but I’m sure I could hear a wheeze in my breathing. It doesn’t matter, I still made it round, I’d tell you my time but I forgot to sync and complete the RunKeeper before the phone battery went too low. I do know I managed just over three miles though.

It’s been an interesting evening watching them dig up the street and complete a repair that would give us back our power, it’s a temporary fix mind, they need to come back and dig up more of the street to find the real fault, but at least next time I’ll have advance notice.

If we hadn’t had the power cut I would have vegged out on the sofa with my Kindle and missed my planned run for the day.

Mind you, I was half way runs before I realised that without power the shower wouldn’t work when I got home! Fear not, thanks to the temporary fix the shower is working again and I’m feeling all clean and smug now my run is out of the way.

So what unforeseen circumstances have led to you running?

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