Women’s Running 10k Leeds

Oct 02, 16 Women’s Running 10k Leeds

img_1261Sunday 2nd October proved bright and sunny – perfect for a 10k toodle around the beautiful Temple Newsam setting.  The Women’s Running 10k was a double circuit full of mud and hills which took me by surprise if I’m honest.

I’m not a fan of going twice round a circuit at the best of times, and knowing we had a couple of steep hills to do twice didn’t enthuse me at all.

I ran this one with my cousin Sam who I know is probably 10 minutes faster over a 10k than me, so I should have known that despite the hills and mud I’d be up for a respectable time for me.

The start of the course was a little tight for the number of runners, the path barely wide enough, but the first hill soon sorted that out.  There was a mountain bike race running in the opposite direction to us, which almost caused an accident at one corner.  So much for us all staying to the left, if we’d been a few moments quicker rounding the blind bend we’d have been wiped out.

The course was a mix of pavement and trail, circling the lake.  It’s a beautiful location, albeit a challenging route, well at least for me it was.

Sam dragged me round with lots of verbal encouragement, met with rather impolite responses from me!

I was a little surprised how small the event village was, I think I’d expected more.  It was set up on the hill in front of the house, perhaps the hill wasn’t the best place to attempt a mass warm up prior to the start as it didn’t really feel safe.  A row of portaloos were set off to one side and there was a small shop at the registration area.  It would have been nice to have had some form of refreshments for sale for the supporters, and for the runners post run. A small dais was set up for the winners, and this was utilised prior to the race by the organisers.

There was a good vibe amongst the runners, there were plenty of walkers and families around the route who were just enjoying a day out and often offered a sympathetic glance when we were trying to tackle hills.

Whilst it’s not my favourite style of course being a double circuit the location made up for it.  I’m running the MoRunning 10k here again in a few weeks.  I’m not sure if I’d have signed up knowing how challenging the course would be.

Let’s just say I’ve signed up for next years event anyway.  The location more than made up for the double route.

The goody bag contained a tshirt, medal, snacks, water and the bag itself.

Race Time: 1:17:33

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