As I approached my fortieth birthday in 2009 it’s safe to say I wasn’t overly happy with my life. Forty is one of those milestone birthdays where you really reflect on where you’re at and where you’d like to be.

I lacked confidence, I was overweight, I was miserable and I was unfit. Not the best of combinations I’m sure you’ll agree. I didn’t want to be fat and forty.

The turning point for me was the movie Run Fat Boy Run, to that point I’d done the odd charity 5k in fancy dress but never dreamed that I was capable of anything more. I lent the DVD to my brother who, once he’d finished watching it, suggested we took part in a charity 10k together. That suggestion was to shape the course of the next few years and culminated in me taking part in London Marathon in 2013.

The journey to that marathon was filled with injury, failure, disappointment but also lots of small wins and a massive amount of satisfaction.

Having been told that I couldn’t, shouldn’t and wouldn’t be able to run I fulfilled a childhood dream. Who else used to watch the live TV coverage of London Marathon and wish that one day that would be them.

Of course, thanks to an injury incurred in training I had to walk the whole Marathon course, leaving me with a sense of not having done it properly.

It’s taken eight years to achieve another ballot place, but in October 2021 I get to take part in London Marathon again.

Bring it on!

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