13th February 2021 – 232 Days to go

Distance2.19 mi
Duration 00:36:39
Pace16:44 min/mi

Day one of the Runkeeper 5k training plan, today was a mix of a walk for three minutes and then run for one minute accompanied by a commentary from a rather too perky female on my app. She gives you countdowns to when the next session starts which was quite helpful, and does tell you if your pace on the run needs to be upped. At the halfway point she started giving me handy tips on how to place my feet, hold my shoulders and arms as well as how to breathe. I’d never considered how my feet hit the ground before, but she said to land midfoot and I actually took the time to think about how I was doing it and believe I had it right, I’m not hitting the ground with my toes or heel at least.

Today’s route, knowing that it wasn’t going to be a long one, was down to the lake and once around then head back. Not too bad to be honest aside from some tricky icy patches, zero-degree temperature and a fall on the way back that left me with a badly skinned knee, as well as a fair bit of embarrassment. Not the best way to start off but at least I finished!

It feels strange starting from zero again, but having had so many injuries in the past from overdoing it I can see the wisdom in taking the time to do it properly. Knowing I managed London Marathon with an average pace of 12:30, which I’d like to repeat, the 16:44 pace today means that there’s a long way to go, not just in terms of distance.

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